Present your pricings on your website

Would you like to showcase one or more commercial offers onto your website but you don’t know how to present them? No problem, Heek offers you a few templates according to your activity!

What features for a Princing page?

  • 🛍️ A page dedicated to prices

    Create a page exclusively dedicated to the presentation of your prices by product. Be concise and precise so that your visitors can find the information they are looking for without confusion.

  • 💲 A presentation of the rates in the form that suits your business

    In the form of a list, a table ... Present your rates in the way that best suits your product catalog and your field of activity.

  • 🔍 A filter to improve navigation

    Add a filter to your Princing page so that potential customers can directly access the product category they are interested in. This way, you will facilitate their navigation.

  • 💳 A description of the payment methods you accept

    Add to your Pricing page a paragraph describing the payment methods you accept so your prospects know all the information they need before becoming real customers. Reassure them about the security of a potential online payment.

  • 📞 Encourage contact

    Add a button to encourage potential customers to contact you so that you do not lose any prospect. A visitor might still have some doubts when reading your site, a call or mail could reassure him!

  • Menus for restaurants and professions of mouths

    Add a filter to your Princing page to only broadcast the product category that visitors are interested in. This way, you will facilitate their navigation.

Customizable Princing page templates

Template Princing page 1 Template Princing page 2 Theme Fees Design Fees free Template website with princing page free

What kind of professionals create a Pricing page with Heek

Why publishing a Princing page on a website?

To inform your clients

Internet users and potential clients would like to find clear and quick information to know if you will meet their expectations or not. If they have doubts, they will look for information elsewhere.

To improve your SEO

Making a pricing page will not only allow you to display your pricings and fees but also justifies them by detailing what the pricings entail. Having a good pricing page will help your SEO on keywords such as “cheap”, “high end”, “quality” etc.

To develop your offer

A pricing page is an excellent place to show that you are dynamic and tuned with your clients. Offer them promotions, exceptional products or services, gifts and a loyalty program to demonstrate that being your client has many benefits.