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Make a blog

The blog creation and article management feature allows you to create a real online journal in minutes. Tell your story and write about your industry to attract more and more visitors.

What features to make a rewarding blog ?

  • 📄 Write rewarding articles

    Creating a blog allows you to regularly publish articles that interest your target without overloading your website with information. The quality of the content is essential to attract traffic: you must answer the problems that your potential customers meet.

  • 💡Group your articles by topic

    Gather your articles by topics in a view to facilitate navigation through your blog. The less internet users will need to search for the information they need, the more they will consider you as a potential partner or trusted provider.

  • 📱 Share your articles on your favorite social networks

    Share your articles on social networks that are proved to be an interesting channel of communication. Expand your community and gain visibility.

  • 💬 Post reviews from your visitors

    Post some testimonials to be transparent, to earn the trust of visitors and to prove the value of your work and of your knowledge.

  • 📈 Improve your SEO

    Adding a blog to your website will improve your SEO on search engines. Indeed, by writing about various topics, you will be referenced on a variety of keywords.

  • 🗣 Impose yourself as an influencer

    More than just a company in a business sector, becoming a real influencer by publishing content that will interest many visitors and that could be shared on social networks.

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What kind of professionals make a blog with Heek

Why make a blog?

A blog to improve your referencing

Making a blog allows you to attract a lot of traffic if you discuss subjects and topics that interest a lot of internet users. By adding in fresh new content, Google will “reward” you by improving your natural referencing.

Build your social presence

Creating a blog allows you to share your news and content onto social media by publishing regular content. It’s a great and essential way to not only get audience loyalty, but to also gain new readers.

Build your network of influence

When you write interesting articles, you will naturally interest other bloggers who would like to collaborate with you. They will invite you to guest blog on their sites, just as you can invite them to write on yours. It’s a great collaborative outlet to help build your network and traffic.