Online menu for restaurants and enterprises of the food industry

Would you like to make a website where you can display your restaurant menu or a menu for other services? Heek allows you to make a website in a few minutes with an online menu which includes all the necessary information to attract your customers.

What features for an oline menu?

  • 🖌️ Choose between several templates

    Heek has prepared several menu templates for your website. All you have to do is to choose the menu that suits you and to customize it!

  • 🖼️ Many images at your disposal

    Heek offers many professional images of dishes, restaurants, and food. This way, you can customize your site and online menu to the type of dishes you offer.

  • 🍰 A separate presentation for starters, dishes, and desserts

    Create a menu that differentiates entrees, dishes and desserts. Indicate the name and ingredients of each dish.

  • 💲 Indicate your prices

    Indicate your dishes' price in order to recruit customers that corresponds to your target.

  • 🎨 A menu that match the colors of your site

    You have chosen to create a website in shades of blue, red, sepia, etc? Heek automatically adjusts your menu so that it match your site's design.

  • An unlimited number of dishes

    When using Heek, you can add as many appetizers, dishes, and desserts as you want to your menu.

Customizable online menu templates

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What kind of professionals create online menu with Heek

Why publishing a menu on a website?

Attract your customers

Show your clients your products and your pricings! Take advantage of this feature to give them a maximum information about your dishes, the chef and his know-how.

Improve your SEO

Describe in a clear and complete way your dishes and to have a better SEO in search engines. The details that you give on your products allow you to be found easily and more precisely on search.

Build your customer loyalty

An online menu is a great way to inform your visitors about today's special and menus of the moment.