Present your online product catalog with Heek

You want to highlight your products by detailing their features and prices on your website? Heek makes it easy for you and offers you different models of catalogs and product sheets to customize.

What features for an online product catalog?

  • 📄 Create a Products page

    Create a Product Catalog page and present your products through an accurate and comprehensive online Product Catalog. This way, you will enables each visitor to find the product he is looking for or may be interested in.

  • ? Present your products by category

    Gather your products into categories in order to facilitate the navigation of prospects through your online catalog, as well as improving its understanding by visitors.

  • 🔍 Add a filter

    Add to your catalog a filter according to the criteria that seem relevant according to your activity. Thus, potential customers will directly access the kinds of products that interest them.

  • 🖼️ Illustrate each product or product category

    Do not forget to illustrate each of your products of professional photos. Indeed, an image is essential to convince a prospect that your product is the right one.

  • $ Disclose the products' price and features

    The product sheet and product catalog templates created by Heek allow you to concisely state the price and features of your products. All you have to do is to fill in the inserts dedicated for this purpose.

  • 🔗💳 Link your catalog with the actions of your choice

    Link each product sheet to the action you want your visitors to make by choosing from a variety of possibilities: redirecting to an internal or external page, unsing a Paypal button ...

Customizable timeline templates

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Why creating an online Product catalog?

Convert your visitors into prospects

By unveiling your product catalog, you arouse visitors' interest and convert them into real prospects. To do this, publish attractive products' features.

Increase your sales

If your business allows you, add Paypal buttons to your product listings and benefit from direct sales on your website. This way, your site will allow you to significantly improve your turnover.

Improve your SEO

By publising your product catalog on your website, you will be required to use a multitude of keywords. Google (or else) will then take into account the use of these keywords to refer you to the search engines.