Responsive Design

Since 2015, mobile use has surpassed that of computer use. A website created in 2017 must be compatible with smartphones and tablets. The websites created with Heek are all optimized to be "Design Responsive".

A "Responsive Design" website adapts its display to different screen resolution sizes, whether the web user is on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Heek: the website conceived for Smartphones and Tablets

Being mobile compatible is essential for Heek. Every website template, every section design, functionality, is conceived for the optimal display on smartphones and tablets.

By simply creating a website on Heek, you are offering your internet users a website that is compatible, regardless of the medium being used, with a comfortable navigation and an optimum delivery of information.

Testing Heek to create your mobile website is free and does not require the creation of an account.

Make a website for tablets and Ipad

Instantaneous mobile sites for each profession

Designs by activity

Professional templates for mobile websites are available for more than 30 professions. Simply select the one that corresponds to your activity, complete a few details and discover your professional website adapted to your business and to all browsing platforms.

Immediately operational

As of the first session, you will have a directly operational website that you can share on all platforms and on all social networks without any worries about having an incomplete or malfunctioning website.

Significant time-saving

Thanks to its unique artificial intelligence management system, you will gain considerably in time in daily tasks as you modify your website and ask it questions.

A nice website with a responsive and powerful design

With the navigation on smartphones and tablets being more and more popular, search engines, such as Google, more often prioritize websites that are compatible for their users.

All websites created by Heek respect this requirement and more.

You wish to know more about the functionalities around responsive design or how to test it? Find out more in our help center.

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