Prensent the members of your team

Would you like to present your team and and introduce your colleagues on your website? Heek allows to make a website and a team page a page to present your team and colleagues. Show who is behind your company or your blog. How? By simply having a chat with a little robot!

What features to make a Team page?

  • πŸ‘₯ A parent page to introduce your entire team

    Create a parent page where you will briefly introduce your team. What do your collaborators have in common? What is the strength of your team?

  • ↩️ A filter to access the different desired profiles

    Add a filter to this parent page so that your visitors can filter employee records based on the criteria of your choice, for example, by business.

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό One page per collaborator

    Create a page dedicated to each of your collaborators. Add a photo and a description to convince visitors of your team's expertise and sympathy.

  • πŸ“© A point of contact

    Add an e-mail and the social profiles of each member to make it easier for visitors and potential customers who would like to get in touch with your business.

  • πŸ–ŒοΈ Adapted templates

    Choose the structure and design of your website among the templates proposed by Heek. These templates will be adapted to your field of activity and to the number of collaborators that you will indicate.

  • πŸ“„ Sort the profiles of your employees

    Choose which criteria you want to use in order sort your collaborators: by name, by date of arrival ...

Customizable Team page templates

Template Team page 1 Template Team page 2 Thème collaborators Design collaborators free Template team page free

What kind of professionals make Team page with Heek

Why presenting your team?

Introduce your colleagues

Presenting a detailed overview of those that are working behind your brand or your blog shows your team members that you are proud of them and gives them the possibility to develop their personal branding.

Improve your SEO

The personal branding of your colleagues will be beneficial for your website. Adding in social media links, such as LinkedIn, allows your website to make a link between all social media profiles and your business. In addition, you will have more notoriety as you will also position yourself on the search when someone searches for a name of one of your team members.

Be transparent with your audience

Whether you are a company or a blogger, your team allows you to be transparent and shows your clients and visitors who they are in contact with. They will have a more human image of your company and will trust you more.