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Many free fonts of all kinds and all layouts features are available.

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Fonts and editor text styles

Heek offers a selection of the best fonts from 800 Google Fonts families, of any style (printing, handwriting, fun ...). Quality display of texts on a computer or tablet impeccable, unparalleled flexibility. Change when you want, without destabilizing the structure of your pages and make them unsightly.

All layouts options allow you to position your text anywhere you like in the style that suits you.

Customizable templates

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The text formatting... An essential element


First of all, the text color must be comfortable reading. It should be chosen in harmony with the background colors chosen. Example, writing in red on blue is not recommended at all. The colors, fonts, and text sizes are also important to structure the content and allow the user to quickly find the information he seeks, or sometimes to get his eyes to what interests us.

The identity

A computer site will not have the same style as a site about animals or a wedding. Print characters evoke serious when handwriting font is more related to emotion. Choose a font that represents you and that is not too out of step with your visitors' expectations is fundamental.