Add a Tripadvisor insert in you website

Are you trying to convince Internet users of your services quality? To do this, integrate Tripadvisor widgets into your website. By publishing customer testimonials, you will persuade visitors to come to your restaurant, stay in your lodging, and make an activity with you.

What features to make a website with a Google calendar?

  • 🔧 4 kinds of Tripadvisor widget

    Customer reviews, rating,... Whatever your industry, 4 widgets are available in Heek editor so that you can highlight the success you meet with your customers. An effective way to convince your visitors!

  • 💬 Publish customer reviews

    Being on Tripadvisor allows you to collect customer testimonials. Post these testimonials on your website and persuade internet users of your service quality and of your skills. Restaurants, accommodations or activity providers... Do not wait!

  • 🌟 Post your Tripadvisor rating on your site

    Posting the rating obtained on Tripadvisor proves to be an effective mean of persuasion. Insert this grade into a strategic location of your site to convert as many visitors as possible into customers

  • 😍 Ask people to rate you

    Suggest to visitors who have already come to your restaurant, have already done an activity, or have already lodged in your accommodation to rate your business. This way, we will collect more recent testimonials.

  • 🏆 Emphasize the ranking of your company

    Are you among the top ranked companies in your sector and city on Tripadvisor? Let your visitors know!

  • 🖌️ A widget that fits your design

    Choose in which pages and in which inserts you want to insert the widgets. In a column, on a line, aligned as you wish... You remain master of your design.

Customizable tripadvisor templates

Template website with tripadvisor widget 1 Template website with tripadvisor widget 2 Theme tripadvisor rating Design tripadvisor reviews - free Template clients testimonials tripadvisor - free

What kind of professionals use the Tripadvisor widgets with Heek?

Why publishing a Tripadvisor embedding on your website?

Simple and flexible

Publishing the widgets of your choice on your site only takes a few seconds. Indeed, you just have to select the widget you want to insert and fill in the url corresponding to your business sheet on Tripadvisor. Simple, fast and effective!

Boost your conversions

Adding your customer reviews, your rating, or the rewards you get will easily convince visitors of your professionalism and skills. Do not hesitate!

Improve your rating and your Tripadvisor ranking

By encouraging visitors to rate your company, you will significantly improve your score and your rankings on this social network. This will allow you to improve your notoriety!