Web Content Editing and Formatting

Writing and formatting website content is quite difficult without adequate knowledge.

That's why Heek has designed a system for direct and instant content editing. This means you can browse and edit your website content in real time.

Writing pages and articles without coding

Would you like to modify a text in a paragraph, change its color or font? Simply click on it and make your changes as you would do in a simple word processor. Do you want to change a page? All you have to do is click the link on your website's menu.

Heek's instant editing allows you to handle : the text style (font, size, color, alignment, bold, italic and underline), an items' position via drag/drop, addition of links and addition of images.

Discover numerous other types of content right now as well as a variety of others that are on their way.

Make a website for tablets and Ipad

Professional texts and HD images available

Business Texts

All our available templates and sections contain professional texts written by professionals that suit your world and profession.

Business Images

Heek offers more than 30 professional image banks in high definition that are updated on a daily basis.

Personalized Texts

All available texts on the platform are personalized thanks to Heek’s artificial intelligence and the information you provide. You'll have a website of your own that's ready to be published online in just a few minutes.

A beautiful website by the means of beautiful formatting

VWould you like to know more about content editing, formatting or even page layouts on Heek? Check out the articles here below:

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