Present your awards on your website

You want to show off the awards you received on your website, but do not know how to do it? Heek offers you a page model dedicated to this topic. All that is left to do is to adapt it to your company!

What features for the website builder?

  • 🎨 Many templates to customize

    Heek offers dozens of websites templates from which it is easy to make your own web design. Showcase site, blog, e-commerce, everything offered in a variety of each job.

  • 📂 Elements, site sections and features in abundance

    History, restaurant menu, pricing and plans, presentation, insert videos, image galleries, product catalogs, contact forms, etc. Each existing item has many different design ready to use or customize.

  • 🖼️ A totally free image bank for all activities

    10 to 15 dedicated HD images are available for free for every job, every sport, every activity Heek knows, and there are over 3,500.

  • 🤖 An artificial intelligence to drive you

    Heek is the first conversational website builder that allows small businesses to create and manage a website without spending time.

  • 💡 An ultra-simple ergonomics for perfect results

    Drag and drop text, images, titles to move it or insert it into a new row or a new column. No risk, all your changes will be simple, beautiful and adapted to all browsing devices like mobiles.

  • ⚙️ Advanced configurations

    You feel like a pro. Discover many advanced configurations for each type of elements and let your imagination run (padding, overlay, delay, etc.).

Customizable templates

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What kind of professionals create a website with Heek? Every Types

Why create the design of your site

Brand identity

Creating your own website design is the best way to ensure that it represents your brand with the image you want to present to your visitors. Colors, font, logo position, site structure and information, all is to have the good design tool.

Pro and unique

In 2018, a strong company is active on the web and puts resources required to succeed. A template is a "standard", if it fits for everyone, it is truly perfect for anyone. Creating your own design, even from a template by customizing it to the maximum, is to avoid offering its visitors a unremarkable content, thanks to a professional and unique website.

Simple and adaptable to each sector of activity

Whatever your area of expertise, Heek supports you in a web design creation that fits your business. Whether it be features or content.