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What content to have for a freelance website to work

When you develop your activity as a freelancer or self employed, you need to think about the importance of making your own professional website.. Having a website allows you to diversify your communication channels, to centralize all of your platforms onto one as well as helping you get more clients and revenue. However, making a freelance website can be challenging. It's not always obvious what content to include onto your freelance site to make it successful for your potential clients and for search engine ranking. In this article, let's discover what content to include for a freelance website.

Defining the line of communication, business name or personal branding

Freelance personal branding or company brand

Before going into detail about the content, it is important to know what branding your activity will have. Personal branding is about putting yourself out there, your skills, experiences, reference and other to gain a professional reputation under your name and image. To have a good personal branding, you will need to know how to communicate well thanks to content and professional, high quality photos. You also need to have good notions of networking to get recommendations from your clients. If you are not good at communicating, you risk staying in the shadows and losing turnover. This does not mean that your services or products are not good quality, but they will not be visible enough or seen to be worthy in comparison to your competitors.
In order to run a freelance site that works and that benefits you, we recommend defining your line of communication. You must ask certain questions, such as the following:

By finding out answers to the questions above, you will be able to see how you can developyour personal branding image of your business activity. Don't hesitate to browse around the internet and have a look at your competitors' websites to see what they do, get some inspiration and what is good to do or not for your brainding. Finally, don't forget that your freelance site allows you to communicate on your business, your products or services AND on who runs the business (i.e. you). Your image and your name serves as a brand, allowing you to set up your offers an to reassure your potential clients of your qualities. Avoid talking about yourself everywhere, prioritize putting forth your business activity and what it is that you can offer.

Present yourself, your experiences and your strong points

Once you've finished the first step we've just discussed, you can finally introduce yourself and talk briefly about who you are. It's not very useful to dedicate 5 paragraphs to yourself, the best thing to do is to be clear and brief, just like you would do on a CV. On this section on your website, the potential client would like to know:

This last question is the most important and will help you structure your website to convince your potential clients why they should work with you. You should give a detailed description of your offer, display your results achieved to give credibility, showcase solid client testimonials or references, and anything else will be useful to demonstrate your qualities.

On your "About me" page, display the following elements:

The whole needs to be synthetic, fluid, agreable to read and why not with a bit of humor to give you more of friendly feel to your profile.

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Describing your services/offers/rates with expected customers benefits

On your freelance site, you must not only show the services you offer in detail, but also the rates corresponding to each service. This allows your clients to have a clear overview of how they can benefit from your service, but also the budget expected to ask for your service. Don't hesitate to indicate that you offer free quotes without any commitment for specific requests. This allows you to make an initial contact touchpoint with a potential client.

Showing your services that you offer in detail will also help with the SEO of your website. By giving out details of your offers and your services, you will increase the chances to appear on search engine results, such as Google or Bing to name a few.

Add a portfolio with your achievements


Freelance Portfolio

Add real client reviews

Once your portfolio is published on your freelancer site, it is also recommended to showcase real customer reviews to show that you are a trustworthy person. Client testimonials function the same way as product reviews. It helps your visitors to trust you and to be more willing to give you projects to work on.

Be transparent when you add your client reviews. Indicate professional information of your clients so that if needed your potential clients can visit their information if they would like to verify the veracity of your testimonial. Professional information includes the name of the company, the title and full name of the person giving out the testimonial and possibly a picture if available. Don't forget to ask your best clients or the most beautiful projects that you worked on for their agreement to be showcased on your website. It's often best to ask for their agreement at the time of establishing a contract.

A freelancer is always available!

The main goal of having a freelance website is to create new clientele and thus it's necessary to have a way to get in touch with you easily. This doesn't mean that you should be available when you are sleeping or during your breaks, but it means to give out means for potential clients to contact you easily. Contact means must be simple and quick for the client to use. It's important to have a contact form integrated into your freelance site. The contact form should have text fields that are mandatory to complete but that won't dissuade your potential visitors to fill out. For example, keep the contact form to a minimum with the name, email, phone number or address required to fill in.

Of course, you can also add links leading to your social media, should the client prefer to contact you that way. Don't forget to maybe add your phone number as well as your email address. More and more people prefer to reach out through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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