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Finding new projects and clients

As a freelancer, finding new projects (and, consequently, booking new clients) is vital. Indeed, booking new clients will not only enable you to have a steady income but will equally help grow your business. In this article, we will give out a few 4 tips to help you find new projects and clients.

Freelancing platforms

When you start out as a freelancer and your freelance business is just getting off the ground, you will most likely take a look a freelancing platforms to get your first clients. Eventually, you will use these platforms less and less over time. Subscribing on freelance platforms will allow you to be visible and work on projects proposed by potential clients. You can even use your profile to receive requests for quotes for your services. As such, you will have more chances to encounter new projects and win new customers, whose loyalty you then need to secure.

Your own website

As a freelancer, having your own website can be a major advantage. Although you need to allocate a budget for building your own website, it can be an excellent investment that will rapidly turn into profit. It is a small price to pay in terms of return on investment (ROI) to help you grow your business activity.

Having a website will take time: carrying out search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that you are listed in directories, creating SEO-optimized content so that you can easily be found by search engines, taking part in forums to raise your profile, and so on. But it is worth it! Having your own professional website will also give you the option of including a link to your website on freelancing platforms where you are already registered, increasing your traffic and, therefore, your sales.

In terms of the content of your website, we recommend that you spend time and effort on both the presentation and the descriptions of your products and services. Be convincing; give your potential clients a reason why they should trust you and want to work with you. Finally, don’t forget to provide a contact form for clients to contact you to obtain a quote or to ask you any questions that they need.

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Social networking

As you will probably already know, social networks are currently experiencing massive growth. As a freelancer, you can be certain that they are home to many potential clients, and you should take full advantage of this. Depending on your field of business, you will have the option of selecting Facebook and LinkedIn or, for those in artistic fields or the visual media, even Instagram. Your social media presence, via your professional page, will enable you to share your latest work and achievements, highlight any special offers, and easily obtain new contacts. It is therefore important to remain active on every social media site you have because your income relies greatly on your digital presence.


Once your freelance business has been established, it is a wise investment to visit organized events in your region. These trade fairs and conferences are excellent ways to raise awareness of what you do and to find new potential clients. Other events may also take place in your region that relate to your field of business, so don’t hesitate to enquire with your local government or carry out a few internet searches to identify events that you could attend to in future. Meetup, for instance, is a great platform to check out events in your region.


Lastly, why not use Indeed, a job search site that features a range of offers for freelancers? Many potential clients use this site to search for freelance workers that meet their needs. It is worth knowing that you can set up an e-mail alert to notify you of the latest posts.