Hi, it’s Heek. My webiste builder is no longer available. You can still check what I was able to do!

Hello! 👋

Together we are going to make a website for freelance 💼 ⏱

Personal website for freelance

Heek, the independent robot 🤖 that makes your freelance website...easily 👍

Whether you are a designer, writer, consultant or self-employed from any industry, Heek has worked with a number of freelancers to offer you a website builder that is easy, fast and adaptable to your activity.

Heek accompanies all independent workers to set up and manage their business online by helping you build your “personal brand” through the promotion of yourself or your brand.

freelance mobile site

Responsives freelance website templates

All websites created on Heek are design responsive meaning that they will be beautiful on computer, mobile or tablets.

Making a personal website to showcase yourself, your experience and qualities can be done in a few minutes; all you have to do is ask Heek, your little robot 🤖. You can even make a company website with your logo and illustrate it with a dozen of professional free images for your use.

Heek, the little independent robot, always here for you!

  • 🎓 More than 35 different activities available

    More than 35 different activities are available on Heek. Once you have chosen your activity, you are free to select the template of your choice, free images that you want to use and customize the different descriptions and professional texts that are pre-written for your particular sector.

  • ⚙ Manage your business

    Not only does Heek help you make your website, but he also acts as a personal assistant to help you build your business online. From giving out advice on how to find new clients, freelancing tips, how to use community platforms to offering an integration of Google Analytics to follow and analyze your website’s traffic, Heek offers you a number of professional features to manage your business.

  • $ Fees and services

    A number of customizable forms to display your different services and fees are available for you to clearly inform your visitors of your pricing policies. You can choose to display them in a price table, list, forms or packages.

  • 🕴 Present your freelance profile

    Heek gives you the possibility to create a professional page presenting yourself by giving you the opportunity to describe to your visitors who you are, where you come from and what motivates you in doing what you do with your projects. You can equally share this with your social network to multiply the different contact channels with your prospects.

  • 👀 Freelance portfolio

    Having a portfolio is a "must have" for a freelance. Heek has developed and put at your disposal a portfolio that allows you to describe and to illustrate your different projects and/or achievements in order to wow your potential clients.

  • 📩 Contact page, subscriptions and newsletter

    To stay in touch with your new clients, you have a wide array of customizable contact forms, subscriptions or newsletter possibilities to choose from. All this for free, of course.

Tips and advice to set up a business being freelancer 😇

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