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Kids bedroom furniture shop
A decoration at your taste
About me
After having worked during 7 years in a interior decoration agency, I decided to launch my own kids bedroom furniture store. This way, I use all my experience to select the most beautiful furniture items for you.

Website editor for Kids bedroom furniture store

Heek is a website editor for furnishings store that allows a kids bedroom furniture store to build his furnishings website with complete control and independence. Images, texts, features and a kids bedroom furniture store template await you directly in the editor. You can test it for free and have your website published in just 5 minutes.

Make my website for Kids bedroom furniture store

Website features for a kids bedroom furniture store

  • 💳 Paypal button

    Insert paypal buttons to your product catalog so that conquered visitors order directly the kid bedroom itemps of their choice. Do not forget to inform them of all the necessary information: prices, taxes, delivery charges, delivery time, ....

  • 🖼️ Photo gallery

    Show in pictures the products for kid bedroom that make up your offer. Integrate a photo gallery so that your visitors have a crush on one or more of the products highlighted through professional images.

  • 📄 Product catalog and pricing

    Add to your website a product catalog. This will not only allow your visitors to filter the type of products they are looking for, but it will also make it possible to publish business elements in a structured way. Thanks to the product sheets that we have developed for you, navigation through your catalog will be facilitated.

  • 📞 Practical information

    By creating a Practical Information page, you can publish different types of information. Contact form, phone number, geolocation with Google Map, opening hours of your shop ... It's up to you to choose the elements that are essential to your site!

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Heek builds websites for Kids bedroom furniture stores, but also for all types of Furnishings stores.