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How to make a website: A complete guide and more.

8 steps to learn how to make a website: efficient & easy
Follow step by step the process needed to make your own website in a simple manner. You can also immediately start making your website with Heek, our little robot, who will give you all the necessary tips throughout the creation process.

1. Find the best domain name for your website

How to find a domain name to make a website

It may come as a surprise for some, but choosing a name for your website is a challenge for many entrepreneurs. Before you start to make your website, take some time to think about a name that you would like to have and choose the right one by using a good method.

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2. Find the best website builder

How to make a website sketch

A website builder is a tool that allows you to get to the heart of the subject and start making your website. Some website builders are for experts, others are for users that have some web knowledge and then there are a few that are designed specifically for people with zero web expertise or design, just like Heek.

Are you looking to create an HTML site? A dynamic website? A wsyiwyg editor? With FTP? Gives you a headache doesn’t it. Well it doesn’t have to, check out why Heek is the website builder for you.

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3. Choose a website template according to your project

How to choose a template to make a website

Finding the right website template that will correspond to your business activity and personal taste in design is essential to successfully make a website that meets your needs. And even if we know where we would like to go, it is not easy to know which template will be the easiest to adapt to your needs. In this article, we aim to give out a few tips to help you make the right decision and avoid the unnecessary traps.

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4. Create relevant wep pages and structure your website

How to know what page to build

You have chosen your website builder, the design template that defines your business; it’s starting to get serious! You will now have to start creating your web pages. But what web page? If you have no idea where to begin or have too many ideas, here are a few tips to guide you on the right direction.

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5. Customize your website design

How to customize a website

A website is similar to an online business card for your activity. Your website design therefore needs to be “welcoming” to your visitors just like if they were coming to where you work. Your visitors show be able to recognize your business at the first look and be left with a good impression. Remember, first impressions are important.

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6. Add content for your website

What content to make a website

You have the website editor, the design, the structure plan of all your pages to make your website. It is now time to write up your content! Is writing not your thing and you do not know how to go about it? Or you simply just don’t feel like spending time on it? We’ve got solutions for you!

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7. Publish with or without a domain name

Congratulations, your website is ready to be published ! You are satisfied with the design, your content is ready, with no mistakes, it’s time to publish it. To do so, you will need to have a domain name. If you do not want to buy a domain name (free for our premium clients), Heek allows its users to publish their website on Heek’s domain. For example if your website is called “Mysite” it will be mysite.heek.com.

If you have no idea whether you want to have a custom domain name or if you simply don’t see a reason why, the below articles will help you out:

What is a domain name?Choose a domain name: advice and tipsPurchasing a domain name with Heek

8. How to SEO your website

How to rank a new website

In just a few steps, learn how to SEO your website in this complete guide written for those that are not familiar with the internet world. The guide is structured in 5 different sections giving you a complete overview on how to start using keywords and growing your traffic.

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