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A website needs content: beautiful images to get attention, interesting and complete texts to convince your visitors and help with your SEO. Heek will give you all their tips! Simply read this article to help you get started.

Complete and clear texts

Let’s be honest. Texts that you will write up on your website will in great part affect your SEO. The first thing that you should avoid is to display pages that only has images. You need to add in texts that describes your activity in the most complete way as possible and dedicate each page or section for different subjects.

The texts need to be simple to read. This means that:

Each page needs to have the right keywords. To attract traffic, your page should use the same words used by internet users when they are searching. The technical jargon that you typically use for your activity, even if it’s useful to show your expertise, shouldn’t be the essence of your texts. Privilege words that will help you have a better SEO and that will be understood by your potential clients and visitors.

One last thing that is important to note is to not copy paste content from other websites. Search engines will identify duplicated content and because it will already know where the duplicated content comes from, it won’t take your website into account for SEO.

If you want to do some research before you start writing content, here are some tools that will help you in this task.

There are a number of writing techniques for SEO out there. We strongly advise you to take a look at this best-practice presentation to know more about to write up your pages and to also have a look at this complete guide on SEO.

text content website

High quality images

A professional website needs to be both clear and complete. It’s not an easy task when we are not professionals. High quality images are a good way to make a page easier to browse through and to better illustrate certain arguments or descriptions.

Images do not replace texts, but are used as illustrations. They can help with SEO and bring in traffic. You can describe each of your images with keywords to improve your SEO (see the best-practice presentation above). Do not hesitate to put in images and place them in a harmonious way alongside your text content.

Careful, even if images can be a great plus, they can also be your downfall if they are not of good quality or are completely out of context.
It is therefore highly recommended to display a maximum of “real” and high quality photos of your company in order to reinforce the authenticity and the credibility of your website. Make sure that the photos are beautiful.
To help you out, you can ask a photographer to take photos or ask a designer to create proper illustrations. They will be useful your website as well as all of your other communication supports (paper, social media, displays, ads, blog articles and so forth). It’s an investment, but a useful investment.

If however you do not want to use this type of service or you do not have a good photographer or designer in your network, here is an article that will give you tips on finding free high quality images and illustrations. Note that you won’t be the only ones using these images or illustrations.

Photos :

Illustrations & Icons :

image content website

Call to actions (CTA)

You have already added in your texts and high quality images to each of your pages...the hard part is done! It is now time to think about what you image the internet user to do once they have read your content. Nothing to offer? It will be highly likely that your visitors will leave.

Offer call to actions (CTA) in different areas of your content to increase the chances to prolong the duration of visits and to give your visitors an interest in what you have to offer.

If you don’t have something to sell to your internet users, why don’t you try to have them subscribe onto your Facebook page to follow your news? Or a newsletter? Or to share your content with their network? These are all CTA ideas.

If selling or staying in touch are the principal objectives for a professional website, it shouldn’t end at that. Traffic that cannot “convert” instantly does not mean that it isn’t useful. Just the fact to allow visitors into your world, to stay in touch by one of the means presented above or have them share one of your content are important means that will have them come back later, get to know you and to improve your notoriety as well as your SEO in the long run.

As an example, we’ll use Heek to show you what a CTA looks like, below! 😊