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Choose the best website builder that is good for you

There are a number of website builder softwares out there, but which one should you choose? You may have seen a few complicated terms about different features that they can offer you, but do you really need them? Here are a few guidelines that will help you see more clearly.

Are we talking about a software?

Yes and no. Today there are two types of solutions out there: website builder software that can be installed onto your computer and online website editors, also known as web applications.

A lot of internet users confuse the two by refering “software” to a web application, so to clarify, the below will help you distinguish the differences in order to help you choose the right one for your needs.

So what are their differences and how can you choose?

Website builder software or CMS

A well-known example? Wordpress or Magento

Thinking about going down this path to make a website through an agency via one of these options? Count around $2500 minimum.

Website editors (website application):

A well-known example? Heek, of course!

Thinking about going down this path to make a website via a website editor option like Heek? It’ll range from $0 to $45 on a monthly basis for the essentials.

What does WYSIWYG mean? It’s an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. It identifies website editors that allow you to edit your content which will be almost identical to the final result.

Think about what you’d like and where you are coming from

It is probably evident that the best option would be to choose an online website editor unless you have the ambition to learn web development.

Whether you are searching for simplicity, flexibility, something fast or ultra customizable in design, each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Most of the online website builders out there try to give out a lot of features and offer a number of simple-looking layouts but in the end will need some time to edit the code to get what you want. This can be risky and give you something that doesn’t look the way you want in terms of style or not be mobile-friendly.

At Heek, we make sure to simplify to a maximum the process of making a website for users who don’t want to code.

Have a look:

website building software

It is also essential to understand the different pages and features that you will need to present your activity online. For instance, do you need to present yourself, your team, have contact forms, present your products, services, classes or booking schedules, professional images and content? Heek offers more than 30 different types of pages and features for you.

A little dictionary to conclude

HTML website editor: this means that the editor offers to edit websites in HTML, which is a computer language used to position and display content. It’s very useful for advanced users.

Dynamic website editor: this is an editor that allows you to add in different content elements where needed.

FTP: very useful if you are choosing to use the CMS solution or if you need a flexible web storage space. Applied onto websites, in simple terms, it’s where you host your website.

Responsive website: when you hear about being “responsive” or “ this simply means that the website generated by an editor is compatible on all screen formats - desktop, mobile and tablets.