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Choose a website template according to your profile

Assuming that you do not have a few thousands to put in creating a web design, you will need to go through the process of choosing a website template for your website. This will need to reflect your business, your brand, the features you need and your design tastes. Finding the rare template is often an illusion.

To top it off, there are a wide variety of choices and if you make poor judgments, you can find yourself with a template that doesn’t correspond to what you are looking for. Here are a few good tips that will help you choose the right one without any regrets.

Choose a template according to your activity

The first thing that you must do is choose a template for your website among a multitude of website templates, according to your activity. Graphic designers that have worked hard to create website templates make sure that designs they make relate to the needs of different target audiences. For instance, a finance website template will have slideshows, areas to display their key numbers, graphs and a page for their collaborators, etc.

If you are a baker, you will most likely not find this useful and will have to delete features one by one, if you choose that template. Your website will then end up looking a bit empty without a coherent structure.

Moreover, a finance design template is generally quite strict and a bit “cold”, which is very different from a template that would evoke warmth, delicacies and closeness for a baker.

choosing your website template

“Beautiful” does not mean ‘“Good”

Do you have a preference for a beautiful design template that looks great but seems to be designed for another activity? It would be a bad idea to choose it just because it looks nice. As discussed in the first point, choosing a template according to your activity will help you get all of the features that fit nicely with what you do. If you choose a website design according to its aesthetics, rather than functionality, it may take you longer and be more complicated to make the website that you want. Remember, you can always customize and style your template later on.

Each career has its own different needs

The features offered with a website template and its uses are very important at the moment of the choice. The more a template is similar to the business activity that you offer, the more it will contain features and graphic elements that are compatible to your objectives. Taking the example of a finance person, a finance website will need to manage important contacts where having contact forms and call to actions would be useful for the finance person. The website template design will equally be adapted for large amounts of text.

For a baker’s website, being able to reach out to their clients would be important, but not essential. What would be important would be to have a way to showcase the business, the products and the location, for example.

If you use an open-source website editor like wordpress, you may need to install additional extensions to support the pages and features that you would like to display. Unfortunately, installing additional extensions will most likely not fit well with the rest of the design template that you would have chosen.

Fortunately on Heek, all of the features are available for all of our users with no restrictions and harmonized with all of our suggested templates. But in order to save you some time, the advice remains important - choose a template that fits with your industry.

The color and images do not count

If you are choosing a website design because of its beautiful colors or images, it is not a good idea.

A better idea would be to focus on the structure. For example, how many pages or sections do you need for your website? Does the way the menu is positioned work for you? How about the way the blog design looks?

Color can change. Yes, it can be difficult to replace colors in a template and keep a good harmony, but it is easier than having to redo the structure of your website and pages. To avoid this, Heek offers a “bundle” of colors that can be used across its different templates. All you need to do is concentrate on the details that are important to you.

It is equally important to take care of your images. A website with a lot of images is visually attractive. Most website editors will give you default images, but it would be wise to replace them with your high quality images in order have a more personal and professional look. Heek offers professional images and texts for more than 35 different job industries. All you will need to do is adapt the texts to your profile so that you can publish your website in a few minutes.

You can equally have a look at our website template catalog - they are all free and without any limitations.