Hi, it’s Heek. My webiste builder is no longer available. You can still check what I was able to do!
Namaste 🙏
My name is Heek, your little robot 🤖.

Together we are going to

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  • 💬 We chat, I make!

    Creation, animation, updates, advice...Tell me what you would like and I’ll take care of it immediately, right before your eyes.

  • 🎨 Professional designs

    Make a website to your liking with with a large choice of designs created by professionals.

  • 🛍 Domain names

    .com, .fr, .net, .whateveryouwouldlike! Book your dream extension or use yours if you have one already.

  • 🙌 Easy editing

    You have complete control over your data and your website making. It’s a piece of cake!

  • 📱 Accessible everywhere

    Your website will always be beautiful whether it’s on computer, mobile or tablet...

  • 🎯 Professional advice

    A team of experts will always be available to help you solve your problems and accompany you.

Thousands of businesses already trust me 😇

I accompany thousands of small and medium businesses. It’s a lot of work, but what’s great is that a chatbot 🤖 doesn’t need to eat or rest 😉

The website is looking fantastic! It is amazing how much time, attention to detail and commitment to outstanding design and a positive user friendly experience you and your team are putting into it. ☺ ☺Debra Bennett
I was just playing around with your offerings, designs and the chatbot, and I am very impressed with what I am able to do! Heek seems to be the perfect tool for new business owners who want to create a website to showcase their products/services without the help of a professional. ☺Allison Doumith
Heek is a tool which I find very valuable for independents in general and yoga professionals, in particular. The constant evolution and improvements made in the tool by a very kind and available team is something I highly cherish. ☺Françoise Maggio
Superb website creator. Get the chatbot to do the work! ☺Tim Stubbs
User flow is really easy. Impressive work must say. ☺Somendra
I always dreamt of something that‘d code whatever you say. Now I can say that thanks to things like Heek; it‘s soon gonna be a real thing. ☺Amrith Shanbhag

Talking to a chatbot is easy, making your website is too.
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