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How to be at ease in front of parents

Becoming a private teacher is not only about convincing students of your efficacy, but also the parents of these students. After all, it is they who will engage you to raise the educational level of their children, not forgetting that there are numerous private teachers offering their services for them to choose from. You must be able to stand out from others by knowing and demonstrating your strengths.

In this article, we propose some tips that will help you to feel confident when you are meeting with parents, whilst also convincing them of your skills.

Know your strengths

Firstly, it is very important to be aware of your areas of strength. Why? Simply, because it will allow you to know the assets that you must demonstrate during your job interview as well as during private lessons with your future student. Do not hesitate to show off your strengths, because it will surely be this that will show the difference between you and other private teachers - helping you to land the job! To do this, it is important to prepare in advance and crucially to ask yourself the right questions, including the following:

Being familiar with your qualities, as well as your greatest skills, will help you to gain some confidence in yourself when you go to interview.

Have confidence in yourself!

Admittedly, a first meeting is always going to be stressful regardless of your area of work, but it’s essential you have confidence in yourself. Afterall, you will have to convince several people, which is actually easier than you might imagine. To do this, be fully aware of your skills and strengths, and be able to demonstrate in a few sentences all that you are able to bring to the student. You must inspire confidence, because parents will entrust you with the job of helping their child improve their grades.

If you give the impression of not being serious and committed, or of not being sure of yourself, your chances will be reduced. Be aware that some parents prefer a university student for private lessons rather than a qualified teacher, and may make a decision based on this alone. Above all, the initial “feeling” is also very important when choosing a private tutor.

The most important thing is to be comfortable with the parents of your future student whilst showing that you have confidence in yourself and your ability. You must be familiar with who you are and, chiefly, how you work - in particular knowing how to showcase your areas of strength, and in doing so, increase your chances of getting the job!