Top 5 awesome private tutor websites

Sometimes, it is difficult to start making your own private tutor website when you do not know where to start. Here at Heek, we are always on the lookout for awesome private tutor websites that have a great modern design, display of content and overall that would make us want to study with them! To help you out, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the top 5 best private tutor websites to give you inspiration for your teaching website.

1/ NMS Tuition

Natasha is a French, Spanish and ESL (English as a Second Language) private tutor in the UK who has spent many years revolved around languages. She has a beautiful website - NMS Tuition - that clearly informs her potential students of her specialities, services and how much she charges.

Not only is her website super easy to navigate around in and very clearly indicated, she goes beyond just giving out the most important information by also keeping up a blog full of interesting tips and insights! If you want to learn more about education, languages or other tips - the blog is a great inspiration for those of you who are into writing.

tutor website example : NMS Tuition website

The thing that we liked most? There are two things! The first is how modern and visually attractive her website is. Natasha has taken great care in the images that she selected to introduce her content. The second is how she makes sure that you can easily reach out to her with her contact page, providing her social network, telephone number and email. Super important when you are a private tutor.

2/ Katie Tutors Math

Katie is a Maths tutor. She teaches both online and offline in North Portland. Her Katie Tutors Math website is great because she goes straight to the point about her methodology and what she hopes to achieve with her students (build confidence in maths and ability to do difficult tasks). On her homepage she also directly shares what she offers and what price.

If you have any questions that may have before wanting to contact her, Katie has a FAQ section with answers for general enquiries, homework help and more. Super if you do not want to repeatedly answer the same questions by mail that your visitors may have!

math tutor website example : Katie Tutors Math

The thing that we liked most? How she added her students testimonials and a 30 second video about what she does exactly (even if it’s a bit outdated)! Student testimonials are an excellent way to show that you are trusted and how you best helped your students to achieve their goals.

3/ Tutor LIM

Tutor LIM (Learning in Motion) is a tutoring company aims to empower students to be academically successful in their university career. Founded by L.G. Lim, who is currently based in Melbourne - Australia, they take pride in effective coaching and elite problem solving on any Maths or Engineering related subjects. Working with like-minded individuals, they have made it their mission to share their insights with younger engineering students who are in the same position they once were.

The website is very easy to navigate around with clear information in regards what they do and who they are. For example, they have listed numerous subjects that they teach and showcased the profiles of their tutors. They also share their values and most importantly, they have a very prominent way of contacting them!

sample of tutor site : Tutor LIM

The thing that we liked most? How they showcase their social profiles - Instagram and Facebook! On Instagram you can follow more on L.G Lim to see his tutoring journey but also his passion for engineering. On Facebook, he doesn’t just share posts and videos regarding tutoring, but also about engineering news.

4/ Online tutoring with Kirsty

Kirsty is a private tutor that teaches English and Business, online. Her Online Tutoring with Kirsty website is well structured with different pages that provide succint information about herself, her lessons and courses, testimonials and more.

She also has a section with package deals that are interesting for those that want to buy a few lessons and get some lessons free. When you buy a deal, you can directly pay by PayPal or Payoneer.

tutor website example : Online tutoring with Kirsty

The thing that we liked most? How it’s very well structured, easy to book and to contact if needed to learn more. She also adds in quite a bit of testimonials that come from all over the world, showing that her online tutoring works worldwide!

5/ Dyslexia Deb

Debbie is a private tutor that specializes in teaching kids with dyslexia. This is a great website which shows that when you have a specific specialization you can make a very interesting and user-friendly website.

If you want to know more information about Dyslexia, what techniques are recommended to learn more smoothly, the website has a number of insightful articles on her blog which goes through all of these subjects in detail.

private tutor website model : Dyslexia Deb

The thing we liked most? The whole website details specific information about her specialization, showing that she is a private tutor who knows her subject well. We also like how it’s very user-friendly, visually attractive with many photos of children looking happy and she also has an active Twitter profile where you can find more information on dyslexia in education.

Ready to jump on the bandwagon and start making your very own private tutor website? Now that you can be inspired by these top 5 website designs, we’ll be over here to support you make one of your own with our website builder.

If you’ve seen any other private teacher website that is worth mentioning, let us know and we may feature it here!

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