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Private tutor : Tips & recommendations for finding students

You’ve earned your diploma, you have your teaching and learning tools ready on your desk, you are ready to welcome your first students; when big question arises: where and how to look for students? We will look at existing methods and explain how to best use these when finding students.

Posting your private tutor add: the right place

First we’ll present the different media, classic or more contemporary, which will allow you to promote your offer of private teaching.

Specialist organizations

Many would now tend to focus on digital media and forget more traditional ways to find students. However, registering as a private tutor with specialized organizations is an essential method. We are thinking in particular of Acadomia, which leads the way in terms of academic support in France, and is now present in the United States.

Online organizations

Alongside the agencies that connect teachers and their students, online organizations have been developing similar services. We’re thinking of Superprof, Heytutor or SelectMyTutor. Here, the quality of your ad is essential to ensure you stand out amongst the significant competition.

The bonus: Online organizations are a way to reach larger audiences but also to save on commission often taken by specialized agencies.

Freelance platforms

Few people think about it, but freelance networking platforms are also a popular and well used tool employed when searching for students. Amongst them are Malt or Upwork.

The bonus: These platforms are ideal to internationalize you, especially for those who want to provide online tutoring.

Define your skills and goals

Looking for students to teach requires you to define your goals first and foremost. At first, it is your own skills that need to be analyzed. You must be clear as to your own level in order to determine what you will teach and to whom.

Then you need to refine your offer: types of classes, specialisms, age range, and so on.

Finally, you need to think in more logistical terms: homeschooling, online courses, seasonal internships, intensive internships, etc.

Knowing what you are able to offer, to whom and under what conditions is absolutely imperative when searching for students. Equally important is the writing of your ad and the promotion of your services.

Writing your tutor’s ad

Whichever advertising method you choose, your success depends largely on the quality of your ad. Registering on all existing platforms is simply not enough to find your students. It is essential that you market and sell yourself well, clearly communicating your service.

And once the spot light is on your skills and the type of classes you are offering, you must show them off!

In addition to the presentation of essential information (your biography, diplomas, rates, etc.), your ad must state what you have in addition, that makes you different. Remember you must stand out in order to make your way amongst the hordes of other private teachers.

Do you use unconventional teaching methods? If so, let’s hear about them. Are you ultra-specialized? This is a real bonus if you are, so definitely play this card!

You will see that the best way to find your students is by using the possibilities offered by the different media options mentioned above. Social networks and specialist organisations, online or otherwise, will be an ally of yours in your search for students when they are used alongside other methods. And if the methods of online promotion seem a little vague, do not hesitate to consult our guides explaining how to enhance your online presence as a private tutor.