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Our tips to be an excellent private teacher?

Quickly discover various articles that will let you into all the secrets to help you become a super tutor! Whether it's your pupil or the parents, we will leave no stone left unturned!

1. How to make his first appointment with his students a success?

If you're nervous about having your first meeting with your students, do not panic! We give you the keys to success to ensure this initial impression is a good one!

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2. Best practices for private tutors

It is not easy to avoid making some mistakes as a private tutor. In order to stack the odds in your favour, and please both the student and parents, we suggest you quickly discover the best practices for a private tutor.

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3. How to appear credible in front of pupils and parents?

Parents do not trust strangers easily, especially when it concerns their child's education. In order to appear as serious as possible and to show yourself in the best light, we offer you some tips that will lead you to success.

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4. How to help your students who face difficulties in classes

Whether it is a student having some difficulties or significantly underachieving in school, it is not always easy to find the solution. However, know that it is always possible to help students with the right tips and a bit of patience. Find out quickly what you can do to help all your students.

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5. Digital tools for tutors

Whether you want to offer a follow-up to highlight the progress of your students, stay in touch with them and their parents, send documents, or other, many digital tools have been developed to facilitate communication between a private teacher and his customers. We invite you to discover them.

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6. The best Youtube channels to learn

Language, mathematics, philosophy, history ... Many teachers or passionate people who hold a Youtube channel. Proposing their playful videos to your students can be an effective way to spark their interest in the lesson you need to explain to them. Here is our top of the chains to learn!

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