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Essential sections of your private tutor website

A website designed to promote your activity as a private tutor must be pleasing to the eye, offer a unique design and easy navigation. But most importantly it must bring together the right information in the right sections. So, we explain to you now how to choose your sections and include that relevant information for an (almost) perfect website!

1. Your private teacher biography

Your biography is essential. But it must be concise and relevant, with information related to your offer of home-based tutoring. Explain your academic background, your teaching experience, the type of students you are used to, etc.

We advise you to avoid talking in the first person as much as you can; rather, choosing a speech oriented towards your students. Opt for short sentences and clear terms.

2. Your teaching methods

Then explain, always with a clear objective, what your teaching methods are, how they are unique and how they will help your students to achieve their goals. Here, showcase your ability to adapt, your originality and how you will make the difference.

The goal is to quickly demonstrate and convince your potential clients of your ability to help them reach their targets.

3. Your home tutoring rates

The section “Rates“ allows you to display your hourly fee, as well as your package price (10 classes, 20 classes, etc.).

Take advantage to explain here your possible class lengths e.g. Lessons of 1h, intensive sessions for exam preparation, summer classes, etc.

Be clear and concise. In this section you can specify whether you will teach from his place or if he is able to move to students’ home, as well as the cost of this additional service.

You can also offer online payment options, for example through PayPal.

4. Class schedule

Although this section is not essential, it can be very useful in that it allows your site to be interactive.

It allows you to display your availability clearly and offers parents and students the opportunity to book a class online. It is also a good way to book classes in advance or simply to organize your schedule.

5. A “testimonials“ section

Here is a section not to neglect. It will serve as a real bonus for your private teacher website. It is a way to display your expertise and, chiefly, your results. Ask your alumni but also your colleagues to leave a review.

It is also a way to establish a more intimate and familiar relationship with your site visitors, potential clients, and clients.

6. A “Contact“ section

Finally, do not forget to include your means of contact. An address, a phone number or an e-mail. It could be a good idea to include a contact form (something brief that requiring the entry of essential information).

Communication with your current or potential students is extremely important and should not be overlooked!

While there are no fixed rules for website building, including in your website the topics presented here will provide you with a good starting point on your journey towards success!

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