Private tutor: step-by-step construction of the perfect website

You are a private tutor wanting to use the internet to promote your work. A website is the perfect tool but it must be designed carefully and according to methods specific to your activity. For example, a freelancer and a private tutor will not build their site in the same way. Discover here, how to create and optimize your dream site.

1. Essential sections of your private teacher website

When creating a quality site which will reflect the expectations of your students and their parents, it is essential to carefully choose the headings and corresponding information which will appear on your website. From the errors best avoided to the things that can make that all important difference, we explain how to make the right choice when building your site, and arranging the hierarchy of your page titles and headings.

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2. 4 tips to optimize a private teacher's website

Once your site is ready and online, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels! It needs to be updated regularly and you need to be constantly improving it, paying particular attention to the user experience. Referencing and measuring the audience of your website are among the elements that will allow you to attract more students and meet their individual needs. Take into account our 4 best tips to help you enhance the effectiveness of the website dedicated to your tutoring activity.

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3. The best sites of private teachers

There are numerous websites promoting the activity of private teachers. It is therefore necessary to distinguish yourself from the rest by proposing, right from the homepage of your site, something unique. To do this, it may be useful to draw some inspiration from the sites of the most well known private teachers, having already proved their effectiveness. This said, it is not always easy to distinguish between a site of excellent quality and a site of a lesser quality, so here we invite you to check out some of the best sites of private teachers.

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