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The best YouTube channels for learning

With the development of new technologies, private lessons have also evolved. As a result, students can now learn and overcome their academic difficulties in a more fun way. In this article, we suggest the best digital tools for private teachers to discover.

Crash Course

Crashcourse is a Youtube channel that offers content on various topics such as sociology, computer science, physics, philosophy, economics, litterature, and many others subjects. With more than 7 millions followers on Youtube, this channels gathers skillful teachers that want to help students.


The Minutephysics channel presents science video that explains physics with simple illustrations presented in accelerated time usually close to one minute. Henry Reich is a passionate physician use drawings and diagrams to teach in a playful way.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to provide high-quality videos about a large variety of topics. With more than 3500 videos, Khan academy is wordwild reknown educational channel. It also has a website in which teacher from different countries offer rewarding lessons.


Numberphile is a Youtube channel specialized in mathematics. It explains maths concepts through funny videos to facilitate the understanding of calculation. Brady Haran - the owner of this Youtube channel - also offer to learn chemistry and more precisely the 118 elements of the earth in his other channel : periodicvideos.

In conclusion, it would be useful to subscribe to and follow these learning channels on YouTube. The channels we have covered allow you to discover some easy ways to develop your student’s desire to learn. You could also simply have them watch the videos and then ask them questions to see if the lesson is learned; a fun method that will keep their interest, especially because YouTube has become such a popular platform.

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