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How to SEO a website from scratch? Grow your traffic.

As a small business owner or independent launching their activity, the internet can be a daunting place if you have very little web expertise. It can often feel like a jungle if you are not familiar with the terms or do not know how to do things directly from scratch - especially when it’s about growing your traffic (i.e. getting more visitors and clients). To make it easier for you, here is a mini guide on the how-to’s, to make your website more visible.

1. Tools to find and select keywords

There are a number of great tools out there that can help small businesses analyze what are the best keywords to use for their content and positioning. But where to start? This section will help you understand the tools that you can use to start monitoring important keywords for your business.

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2. How to use keywords (text optimization) for SEO

Optimizing your text and your content by using the right keywords is important to get your website more visibility on search engines. This article will give you more information on how to go about using keywords with a few examples.

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3. How to monitor website traffic

You have an up and running professional website and are now receiving a few visitors. But how many people are visiting your website on a daily basis? What pages are they looking at? How long for? It is important to monitor your traffic.

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4. How to increase your website traffic

With a website up and running, it is important to reach your audience and potential readers or customers as much as you can. Here is where the fun starts: how to make your website more visible and attract more visitors.

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5. Should you buy website traffic

When you get into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website more visible, you may start to ask yourselves whether it’s worth buying certain keywords to have a better positioning in search engine rankings. It’s a good strategy, but shouldn’t be used on it’s own.

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