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Should you buy traffic

In complementary to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you may have come across SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy. Whilst it doesn’t have much of an advantage in regards to search engine ranking and it is not recommended to base your whole strategy on buying keywords, it is useful to have it as a complement to your overall strategy.

Why buy keywords?

When you launch a new business, you will need to think about dedicating a bit of budget to help you out. One of the areas that you should invest a small budget in would be on buying keywords. Unfortunately, launching a new business can be quite tricky if you do not invest a small budget in this.

Buying keywords helps to maximize the chances of people clicking on your website in search engines. When you buy keywords, you are automatically placed at the top of search results pages in the “Ad” section, and at the top of it if you have set the appropriate bid.

So how should you do it?

buying website traffic

Start by choosing what type of web traffic you would like to have depending on how much budget you are willing to spend. When you choose your “audience” that you are seeking, or the keywords, you will have highly qualified “leads”. For example, if you are the only service that sells polka-dotted red leather shoes, and you buy those keywords, you will be sure that people are searching for exactly that will click on your website and become a highly potential client.

Buying keywords will also help you launch your activity more rapidly to gain your first clients and ambassadors. However, be careful as when you stop the investment, it will significantly drop your traffic and you can lose out on your potential visitors.

Do all businesses have to buy web traffic?

Not every business activity needs to buy keywords to help increase their traffic. Certain industries can avoid this strategy altogether. Visual activities such as photographers who are by nature extremely active on social media and who naturally produce a lot of content that can be shared widely, will not need to pay for keywords and ads.