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How to increase your website traffic

When you publish your website, you will start to think about how to share your website with your network to gain more visibility and potential customers or readers. Luckily, there are a number of easy things that you can do to make your website more visible, and in consequence, attract more visitors.

Determine your "position"

Start off by determining your “position” strategy - whether you want to be global or local. If you want to be global, it is essential to think about the US market which should be at the center of your strategy. Why? Because everything that is communicated in the US market (typically in regards to the media or blogs) will be treated by everyone worldwide.

However, if you are in a local business and market, your actions shall be localized. Whichever your strategy will determine what keywords or ads you should buy. It is also important to note that certain markets cost more than others. For instance, the US market is very competitive in terms of buying keywords because everyone wants to target this market.

It is therefore recommended to invest in “secondary markets” and not think that only targeting Anglo-saxon, English speaking markets will be sufficient. If you want to target the European market, you will need to select other markets too, such as France, Spain or Germany.

Determine the content

what content for my website

Content should not be underestimated when it comes to visibility. Ensure that you propose content that corresponds specific keywords, and more specifically, that meets the demands of people that are searching for information that you offer. Think about it this way → What are people searching for? What is their demand? What information can we give? Answer: content from your page. All identifiable needs coming from your potential clients will need to be answered depending on how many people are searching for a specific request. Choose the subjects widely and start writing!

Once the content has been thought over and you have an idea of what content to develop for your website or blog, you will need to share your content socially. Each year, social networks become a valuable asset when it comes to traffic and SEO. Human interactions (such as “likes” and “shares” with your posts) will become an important factor very soon. This means that all of the content that you create should be shared across your social media accounts - whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs or other. When you share content to a wider public and that content is shared more widely in other communities, your traffic will inevitably grow naturally, which in turns make search engines happy. If you are looking for a tool to monitor the social side of how you are doing, SEMRush is a good one to use.


Netlinking is very important to help you increase your web traffic. It’s about making sure that you have great backlinks on other people’s websites that can direct it back to yours. For instance, when you have articles in top media or if you do great blog contributions and your links are found there, you will naturally increase your visibility and your traffic (which in turn will make your SEO more performant).

Why are links important? Google appreciates links - the more links you have coming from other good websites, the higher ranked you will be in Search results. Having links and content on other platforms helps your website be more "credible".

You can use tools such as Moz or Ahref which are excellent to look at Netlinking. They are unfortunately quite pricey, but if you believe that this could be a good investment, try it out. The tools help you follow links that are coming from other websites onto yours. You will then be able to see what links are good and what links are “toxic”, i.e. if there are links coming from bad websites with poor visibility. The tools also help you find new blogs and websites that you haven’t known about previously.