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Content to include on your personal trainer website

Nowadays, having a website is essential if you decide to become a personal trainer. It won't just let potential clients know about your services - it's also one of the best ways to build up a good reputation. In this article, we're going to look at the type of content you should include on your fitness instructor site.

Introduce yourself and/or your studio

The first thing you need to do on your personal trainer site is to introduce yourself. If you own a studio, you can also present it - talk about its history and anything that's likely to attract future clients. If you want to introduce yourself, there are some important points that you should mention. Tell people about yourself, how you became a personal trainer and what inspired you to choose this particular job. Include links to your social network profiles/pages and include any quotes or catchphrases that you use. Doing so will help visitors to your site feel an instant connection with you. If you're the owner of a fitness studio, you should introduce your personal trainers - without going into every last detail. This will show visitors that you work with a team of professional fitness instructors.

The different disciplines you offer

A sports website should list all the disciplines that you or your personal trainers teach. Potential clients will immediately see if you have fitness or sports classes that suit them. Talking about the disciplines you practice will help you stand out from the crowd and promote you or your studio. For example, you may teach a discipline that isn't offered by your competition. Try to describe each discipline succinctly, without saying too much, and in a way that site visitors will understand.

Plus, describing your disciplines will optimize your ranking on any search engine results.

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Your goals and what you promise to your clients

The main objective of your personal trainer website is to increase your turnover and develop your customer base. To do this, you should 'seduce' potential clients with your site. This is where tried and tested marketing techniques work. We recommend that you list the goals that can be achieved with your help, such as weight loss, reathletization, body building, cardiovascular health, relaxation etc.

How your classes are run

A fitness instructor website must detail the classes they offer and how they work with students. Whether you do home visits or hold classes in a studio, your potential clients need to know what's involved and the environment in which they're held. Explain the methods used, the different levels you offer, your locations etc.

Hours & Prices

Potential clients need to know how much you charge. Being transparent and communicating on your fees and offers is an important part to include on your personal trainer website. Clients will immediately look at your prices to see if they can afford to use you as their personal trainer. So make sure you dedicate a section to prices. Put your minimum rate and, if a client has specific requirements, tell them they can contact you for a free estimation, without needing to first sign up. You can also add your availability to this part of your personal trainer website, so that clients can see when you're available or when your studio is open. Don't hide these sections deep in your sports website and don't be vague. Nothing scares potential clients off more than unclear pricing/availability sections.

Class times

If you hold classes in a studio, then you'll need to list your class times. Clients can then consult class times and figure out which ones suit them best on a weekly or monthly basis. They'll be able to see if you're available at a good time and/or whether they can make it to a class. This is also a great way to encourage potential clients to get in touch with you.

Appealing high quality photos

Finally, great high quality photos and images are essential if you want an attractive sports website. They should catch people's attention and make them want to work with you as their personal trainer. If you have a studio, take photos during classes as well as shots of the equipment you use. If you're a personal trainer, ask existing clients if you can take some photos - some will love the idea of being featured on your sports website! If these ideas don't work for you, you can always download sports photos online. Just browse using a search engine, but remember that any photos you upload to your personal trainer website must be open access to avoid copyright problems.

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