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Top 5 awesome yoga teacher or studio websites

Here at Heek, we are always on the lookout for amazing yoga websites that have inspiring design, great display of information and content, and overall that make us want to practice with them! We’ve put together a list of what we think are the top 10 best yoga teacher or studio websites to give you inspiration on how to make your yoga website.

1/ Elena Brower

Elena Brower has a beautiful website which makes you want to lose yourself in it for days! She uses great images and designs to illustrate her different pages, has a great section about herself which delves more into her background and story and has a wonderful blog with articles based on being mindful, healthy eating and practices. It’s a great inspiration for those of you that do not know what you’d like to include onto your website.

Elena Brower

2/ Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee is another yoga teacher that has a great one-pager informative website who uses his social network to also touch his audience! Every Friday you are able to join a free yoga class on Facebook Live. What we like about the website is that it’s clean and easy to scroll because it’s all on one page. You don’t feel bombarded with too much information and can choose to see more about what he has to offer through his numerous events. He also provides a great contact form with an email to reach out to easily.

Rodney Yee

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3/ Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a great website showcasing their studio and also a possibility to watch their online videos taken from their classes. The website is clean with lots of information regarding the different teachers that teach there, a presentation of their classes, schedules, events and even yoga retreats that they organize. It’s a good website to take inspiration from for how to organize your content in a simple and professional manner.

Power Yoga

4/ Kia Miller

Kia Miller is a yoga teacher who teaches a holistic approach to yoga - Radiant Body Yoga. Her website is displayed in a nice modern way with a beautiful video on the homepage. She also features her different events, trainings and blog articles in a clean manner. We really like the images that she uses and the design that she picks which gives off an air of purity and light!

Kia Miller

5/ Hamsa Yoga Studio

When you go onto Hamsa Yoga Studio's website, you may be taken aback by how beautiful it is! This studio, based in Copenhagen, has a great, refined design with high quality pictures. The content (classes, prices, teachers, events…) is laid out in a very precise manner with important and detailed information that is useful for a visitor. You even have a menu to help you navigate through the website more easily.

Hamsa Yoga Studio

Now that you have a few selection of inspiration to help you with making your website, we’ll be waiting to support you! In the meantime, we’re always looking for more awesome yoga teacher or studio websites to showcase, so if you have one that is worth showing, give us a shout!

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