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Choosing a yoga website design

Choosing the design for your yoga website is a crucial step in the development of your Internet presence. Before making this important investment, we suggest that you reflect on certain elements that would make your website a success. Color, structure, and functionality, as well as your content are all equally important with regard to attracting future students to your page and making them want to attend your classes.

Colors that reflect your universe

Your colors depict a general atmosphere, the atmosphere that represents you. Before choosing your colors, you should have confidence in your graphic charter (the colors of your logo, of your business cards if you have them, of your studio walls) and reflect on the values that you would like to communicate through your website.

To help you with this decision, most yoga instructor or studio websites have a clean and simple design. This makes reading easier, and emphasizes content. With regard to color, we would advise you to opt for whites or light pastels, all the while keeping accents of color on certain elements, such as the titles, separators…

One page or several?

When you come to a decision on the structure of your website, you will have a choice between a website that consolidates all your content on a single page (what’s called a one-page) or a landing page. The other choice is of course a website containing several sections, with each page divided by main subject.

For a yoga instructor website, or for a yoga studio website, the two solutions are adequate for creating an optimal experience for your future students. On the other hand, we recommend that you opt for a multi-page site, which would help you get more hits on search engines. Google loves content!

You like what you read? 👍

Website structure: a simple story, simply told.

What is a typical structure of a website? It is nothing more and nothing less than the composition of its sections. A classic website has a heading with a menu leading you to one page or another, a body page with general content, then a footer integrating more links, your contact information, and the logos for your social networks.

When you choose the content for your pages, imagine a book with several pages to leaf through. Your future students will enter your website and scroll your home page, reading information about your classes. Then, wanting to know more, they will look for the different kinds of yoga that you teach. If they enjoy the story that you tell, they will look for reassurance in the testimonies of your satisfied students, and eventually your grades on websites like Yoga Trail.

And finally, once all these steps are finished, they will reserve a trial session or contact you in order to learn more. In sum: tell a story that guides you from introduction to conclusion.

Content is king

Content is king, as we’ve made clear. Whether this be the textual content, images, or videos, a website that has quality content could convince even more visitors than a site with texts containing spelling errors, or pixilated images.

What do we mean by quality content? Texts that truly help your students to understand what you are talking about, texts that teach them something. With regard to images, it is very important to create lovely images, not necessarily images taken by a professional however, as it is now possible for you to produce beautiful pictures with your Smartphone – well composed, beautiful images that have a purpose.

Yoga templates offered by Heek

Browse the yoga templates offered by Heek and find something for made for you with a single or multi-page website. You will even find content that has already been written, texts explaining different styles of yoga that you might teach, for example, as well as high quality images.

How does creation happen? Choose your yoga website template with help from Heek, then choose the sections that you would like to add: class schedule, yoga styles, costs, terms of contract, and many more.